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ebikes: ​PEDAL-ASSIST vs.


"Personalized bike fittings at Dave's Cycle & Fitness utilizes a combination of Body Geometry and Fit Kit elements to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury..."

"... We analyze your body’s attributes, your pedal stroke, and most importantly body position. Using this crucial information, we fit your bike to you, and truly match your bike to the needs of your body."

-Glen VanCura 

"Pedal-assist is different than power-on-demand. In pedal-assist, the bike applies power based on the pedaling torque to move the rider faster with a maintained level of exerted energy. With power-on-demand, the cyclist simply moves a throttle and doesn't really have physical input. Our customers love cycling, and do not want to remove the cycling aspect from the whole experience..."                                -Deb Carrara