Giant ebikes - road/ off-road

It's true: the Swiss don't build cars. But they build something better, e-bikes. Incomparable range, power, and versatility,  Experience urban mobility.


The only hard part about riding an Electra bike is choosing which one to get. They're all easy to ride and they look amazing.


"Pedal-assist is different than power-on-demand. In pedal-assist, the bike applies power based on the pedaling torque to move the rider faster with a maintained level of exerted energy. With power-on-demand, the cyclist simply moves a throttle and doesn't really have physical input. Our customers love cycling, and do not want to remove the cycling aspect from the whole experience..."

"Personalized bike fittings at Dave's Cycle & Fitness utilizes a combination of Body Geometry and Fit Kit elements to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury..."

"... We analyze your body’s attributes, your pedal stroke, and most importantly body position. Using this crucial information, we fit your bike to you, and truly match your bike to the needs of your body."

-Glen VanCura 




Every road has its own personality. Whether slicing through wind in an all-out sprint, exploring backcountry roads, or riding to work, Giant is riding it.


78 Valley Road, Cos Cob, Greenwich, CT, United States



No matter what you crave- the full-tilt sprint for the line, epic weekend miles with the crew, or quality track time the right bike is waiting for you.


Even though it looks like it's JUST a folding e-bike, DON'T be fooled -  it's attributes measure up to full size electric bikes, and pack up in a snap!

"... Our timing in entering the world of eBike retailers with the Faraday Porteur is perfectly paired with the newly redesigned Swiss made Stromer ST2. These two companies offer the best of both worlds; Faraday’s classic design and lightweight frame make it an easy choice for the cycling enthusiast, while the Stromer's more aggressive lines, Magura hydraulic brakes, regenerative braking, and carbon forks prove this bike truly has a purpose-built frame. And the Gocycle speaks for itself; amazing performance in a pedal-assist electric bike that is so easy to pack up and take with you, in it's little wheeled-luggage-bag, anywhere. I encourage all of our customers to take them all for a test ride, even if they're just here having a tire changed... they're so much fun to ride you can't help but smile."

-Deb Carrara

Classic design meets modern engineering to deliver a ride like you’ve never experienced before.